From a mother about her grown son experiencing divorce:

Having you as counsel has already been a wonderful step for him, being able to make so many daily decisions and be affirmed in them instead of wondering if it is the right thing to do, and having those be part of a solid global plan, which was lacking with prior counsel. He is feeling much calmer with you on board and that will surely increase after the holiday uncertainty has passed and some forward movement begins. Many thanks for your guidance!

Busy day, but I had to make time to reply about what a wonderful tutor Abby Stallard is. Last year, she really taught our now 8th grade son how to study and stay on top of school. Our now high school sophomore daughter, who has resisted other tutors, saw how great (and coolĀ šŸ˜‰) Abby was and actually asked to work with her too. So now Abby works with both of our very different children, and they have each had a fantastic experience with her.
Not only is Abby a wonderful tutor, but she is also a great communicator, which makes scheduling easy and professional. We have worked with several other tutors, and Abby is leaps and bounds the best one we have ever had.
Jessica Aminoff

There’s not much more that I can say about Cara that hasn’t already been said in previous reviews but what I can attest to is her empathy, caring, and her education based techniques that helped me break through in a number of areas of which I had previous struggled. I had seen a number of therapists and coaches over the years but Cara took a different approach when diving into the challenges that I had been facing e.g. understanding why I responded to authority and male figures in a particular way, and had other unwanted responses with specific triggers. She immediately did a deep dive (called an un-conditioning) over three hours to help me better understand traumatic incidents of my childhood and adulthood, and the resulting beliefs and limitations created by these. This session served as a base for us to forge a path forward. She then gave me a method forĀ reversing the inner critic that had been playing in my head for so many years. Finally, she gave me many tools that I could use when I encountered situations where my typical response would not be favorable and likely a result of childhood trauma. Many of usĀ struggle with responses where we question our behaviors but don’t know how to reverse them since they have been so ingrained in our being over the years. Cara was truly a miracle worker in helping me achieve more thoughtful, enlightened, and integrated responses to many triggers that I had previously encountered. She helped me see light at the end of the tunnel and provided hope that I could change my responses well into my adulthood and that I didn’t have to buy into what others had told me over the years and that I could never change. Without Cara’s coaching and support over a three-month period, I’m not sure that I would have had the courage or tools to have made some very large and positive leaps in my life.
One point to mention that was pivotal in Cara’s approach and helped me connect with her recommendations was her use of my faith in reinforcing the specific tool or technique she was providing.Ā She wants to understand your faith or spiritual belief system if you have one, whatever that may be, and then connects it to the work in a powerful way.Ā I am a woman of faith and to have a coach that you not only connect with on a psychologicalĀ level but also a spiritualĀ level is profound. It makes the experience richer but also that much more effective.
I truly can’t speak highly enough of Cara’s techniques, background, and approach – it is the perfect balance of using the past to forge a new future with empathy, kindness, and love. It is something that many of us haven’t felt over the years but can find it in her.
Michelle Goddard


I started working with Cara Day in 2013. Her methods were a game-changer for our family. We had worked with therapists for a few years and made some progress, but it did not compare to the work we do with Cara. The Choice Chart and the ability to be coached remotely in the most stressed situations made an incredible shift in our family. Cara coaches me and my two children, a half hour per week each. She helped me stop using language that was creating shame in my children. Cara helped me understand what is actually happening within my children when I handle situations in a certain way. Now I have an almost teenager and another one coming up after that. It’s like she handed me a roadmap. I know where I’m going, how to get there, and I get through the bumps on the road with her gentle but straightforward guidance.

Wayne Levy, Father of 2

Del Mar, CA

My daughter was suffering from severe separation anxiety for months. Transitioning out of Preschool and into Kindergarten brought on many emotions (worry/stress/fear/anxiety) for both she and myself, which led me to contacting Cara Day. My daughter attended a summer ā€œkinder campā€ held at Day Prep which was designed to get kids excited about school, build confidence in academic projects she was working on with her coach, while also practicing strategic daily drop-offs when separating from me. After two weeks of working with Cara and a wonderful teacher on her team, I noticed a significant improvement in her confidence to leave without tears and struggle. When school started in August, we relied heavily on the tools we learned from Day Prep and their coaching for parents and childrenā€”it helped us successfully start kindergarten off on the right foot. The first week of kindergarten was still a struggle, but Miss Day and her team were an amazing support and encouragement to us, and by the end of the second week of school she was no longer crying/clinging/avoiding school. She was excited to be there and get in the classroom, no more rough transitions. I am extremely appreciative of the coaching we received from Day Prep. The parenting tools and The Choice Chart system is now part of our daily approach to responsible kids and a happier household.

Erika, Mother of 3

La Jolla, California

It would be impossible to put into words how much I appreciated that call. Thank you.

David, father of two

Mission Hills, CA

Working with Cara Day has completely transformed every aspect of my life. I have had therapy with others before Cara. I am a trained master NLP coach and have studied the mind, the unconscious mind, and have participated in several life-altering self-development programs and will never tire from learning what makes us humans “tick”…. it is a passion of mine.

For me, it has always been a lesson in learning and unlearning a lot of my beliefs, etc… but I was never able to get “fully there” in my actual life. After the program or session had ended, no matter what. Many times in my life – I felt as though I have healed something…a deep trauma, only to discover the number of layers left uncovered, and back in my “real life” the destructive patterns and lack of self-worth remained. This time stronger bc on top of it returning was the shame of staying stuck. I felt something was seriously wrong with me, and the loops of self-hatred went on and on. And became more layered with every time I felt I failed (which was often).

In 2018, I hit an emotional rock bottom as I have never experienced.

Everything I knew about my life, myself – everything came crashing down and I had to face IT ALL. I didnā€™t have a choice anymore. It all started unraveling and I couldnā€™t stop it or tell myself the same story bc it was actually impossible to do so. The truth dragged me down to depths I didnā€™t know were possible. It knocked me down and almost drowned me.

My first session with Cara, she guided me through an experience that radically shifted me – but also – I have never been held in such love, spirit, and devotion from a voice on the phone. She was WITH me. Saw me. I felt seen. Heard. Validated. And I because of all of my training in my life, I am a tough critic when it comes to “coaches” – sometimes to my own detriment, but I was willing and open and THANK GOD. This experience CHANGED MY LIFE.

I am unwavering in my strength and worth as a woman and a mother. I show up as a full expression of who I am with grace and confidence. Even on the hard days.

She listens to listen – not to respond. She listens with an open heart and truly lets spirit guide her. She is raw and real. She will give you tough love and tell it like it is, but she will take you places you never imagined (in a good way). She will see you at your truest and highest self and meet you there – even when you cannot see it or feel it.

Cara is truly the greatest investment we have ever made. I truly believe that she is the best investment anyone or any family can make. There are some souls on this earth, in this life, who are “tapped” into their true calling and I know for a fact that Cara is one of them. If I could gift someone the best gift ever – it would be coaching with Cara.

She has been and continues to be the most wonderful blessings and our secret weapon to living the life we have always wanted.


La Jolla, California

Included in this email is Cara Day, my parenting coach. As I mentioned she has changed my parenting more than any other person, book, seminar or other resources. The only thing better than her expertise, her coaching talents, and her wisdom on all things kids, is her generous spirit. I donā€™t know if she is taking on new clients right now, but hereā€™s her number.

Father of 4

La Jolla, CA

Before working with Cara, I was struggling to have a deep relationship and connection with my four daughters. As my girls matured, my parenting style of command and control and strong rules and expectations wasnā€™t working. I needed help to rebuild my connection and learn a new parenting style. I began working regularly with Cara six years ago. I had other parenting coaches, but Cara is so unique because she helped me shift my mindset and beliefs, and helped me realize that the problem is me, not my kids. I had the power to change it. She has an amazing balance of truth and grace, and I needed both. Not only did she help me reframe how I approached parenting and what my vision was, but she also gave me hundreds of practical tips and techniques that I could apply daily. Most coaches cannot do both. She also took a vested interest in learning all about my girls and became an extended part of our family. Today, I have healed the relationships with my daughters and I have a healthy loving relationship with each. I have Cara to thank for this. By changing my mindset, removing my limiting beliefs, and providing me with new skills, I am more confident than ever as a parent. I am well on my path to having lasting relationships with each of my girls that will last after they leave the home. This only was possible with the help of Cara. Every parent needs a coach and Cara is the most qualified, effective, and caring one Iā€™ve ever met. I cannot recommend her enough.

Jason Hartanov

San Clemente, California

Cara Day is simply the best! So great at educating parents and children on best practices of communication. If you have children, no matter what age, you will learn things you did not know you needed to know.

Sheryl and Bobby Martins

San Diego, CA

Cara Day is a practical genius at teaching not only parents, but students and her fellow practitioners. She has revolutionary, yet proven methods that transform lives. Her parenting philosophy and methods are in-depth, yet practical, tangible, and immediately usable. A breath of fresh air.

Scott Barnett

San Diego Unified School District Board Trustee