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“Thank you for all of your time, effort, and patience you have shared with us on our journey. Your insight and clarity are nothing short of amazing. And your ability to understand each situation fairly and bluntly (as needed), are refreshing. I don’t know how you do it, but thank you.”

–Parents of 3, San Diego, California


“Again, Cara, I want to let you know I am counting my blessings that the abundance of the Universe as given the gift of you to me. Eternally grateful.”

–Mom of 2, San Francisco, California


“I want you to know how meaningful it is to have a coach like you, who loves me even when I’m uncoachable or panicking. I’m just trying to tell you how much I cherish having you as I’m walking this painful path, with all the changes and loss, and how I’m learning through it, how I’m not going to be the same once things settle. I’m so grateful. Thank you for being the loving, supportive pillar in my life right now.”

–Father of 3, New York


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