Integrity Classes with Miss Day

The advantage you want. Actionable and proven: The awareness, skills, strategies, tools, and understanding of the science required to change your default tendencies so you can supercharge the well-being, joy, LOVE of self and others, productivity, and purpose in your life.

For adults, teens, and tweens:

  • Interpersonal Effectiveness skills: Self-awareness, mindfulness, and tangible skills for building and maintaining relationships with self, peers, and parents
  • Distress Tolerance: Use of the Wise Mind to balance skills around acceptance and change in an escalated moment.
  • Emotional Regulation: Understanding of the brain, default responses, and how to shift oneself for optimal outcomes for self and others
  • Mindfulness: Using breath and thought awareness to gain agency around habitual thought and behavior patterns
  • Communication Skills: Learn 3 life-changing communication skills for courageous communication in any situation
  • Keystone Habits: Understanding the science behind and solidifying the values of sleep, nutrition, and exercise through proven usable tools as the foundation of an integrated life

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Classes limited to 8 participants.

Led by Cara Day, M.A., with over 23 years of experience guiding children and families to live their fullest, most integrated life. Mother of 5, current Ph.D. student of Marriage, Family, Trauma, and Addiction. Visit and for more.